15 Years OCC
Orchidcover Collectors Club e.V.

   In 2009, the OCC is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary. Originally, the OCC was intended as an international club. At the end of 2007, it became a registered club with currently (August 2009) 81 members from twenty different countries from all continents.

The OCC deals with the topic "orchids" in philately and telephone cards. Its task is to support a very personal and professional relationship among the orchid philatelists and collectors of telephone cards, and to deal with the motif "orchids" in any field of collection.

The OCC neither has any economic, political, ideological nor religious goals.

Every second year there is the General Meeting of the members, usually in spring time, when orchids are blooming, or if there is an exhibition at the same time. So the members can take the opportunity to explore in excursions the habitats of orchids, the area of the Kaiserstuhl this year.

In 1905, the first stamp with the motif of the Vanilla Orchid was issued by the French post office in Guadeloupe. Since then, several thousands of orchid stamps have been produced, and every year more than about a hundred new ones are following. In addition to this, about 1800 postmarks with the issue "orchid" have been published up to now in a catalogue of the OCC.
  Four times a year, the members of the OCC get the Orchid Report, in a German or English edition. Beginners, experienced collectors and also specialists can find the latest and highly valuable information on orchid philately and collection of telephone cards. Reports on varieties, printings on margins of stamp pages, orchid researchers, orchids as a side motif or of kuriosum or the register of orchids belong to the regular articles as well as all new issues of stamps, complete stamp editions, postmarks and telephone cards, etc. All illustrations are in colour.

The current membership fee is 30 Euro for members in Europe and 35 Euro for those living abroad.

For further inquiries, e.g on OCC membership, please contact the following address or send an e-mail to:
Dr. Holger Selisky,
Bruchsaler Weg 1,
76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen,
e-mail: orchideenphilatelie@web.de

Review on our general membership meetings

1995 Schwetzingen, Germany

1996 Jena, Germany

1997 Stuttgart, Germany

1999 Jena, Germany

2001 Blankenburg/Harz mountains, Germany


2003 Landsberg/Lech, Germany


2005 Dijon (France)


2007 Jena, Germany

Sales of the postage stamps Franking of post of the documents
Judgement of the philatelic exhibition Whereof does Andrei takes a photo?

2009 Kaiserstuhl, Germany

During the excursion in the valley of Liliental En route to the Badberg
Owlfly (Libelloides coccajus) on top of the Badberg Late Spider orchid (Ophrys holoserica) on the dam of the Rhine near the protected area of Taubergießen