The report is the journal published by the OCC. The report appears four times in the year as an online edition, on a CD and as a paper edition. The number of pages is about 30 to 60 in a German and English issue. In it all novelties of the areas of collector's interest (philately, numismatics and phone cards) are shown arranged by the countries and the date of issue in coloured pictures.   Furthermore scientific papers about orchids, their protection, but also announcements about important botanists appear in the report. Up-to-date informations on international conferences and the meetings of the OCC-members complete the content.   

The online edition is published in the pdf-format in the member's area (OCC-Intern) on our homepage www.orchidstamp.de To read this section, a password is required, which is provided to the OCC members.


The receipt of the reports is included in the annual OCC-fee.

annual fee (online edition): 20 euro (worldwide)  
annual fee (CD): 30 euro (worldwide)  
annual fee (paper edition): 30 euro (Germany) 35 euro (otherwise)
Payment in advance at the latest in March of the current year. The payment will be made without deductions on the OCC-account.
bank connection: Commerzbank account holder: Volker Metzing
  account: 0282 6824 00 bank code:       860 400 00
  IBAN:     DE43 8604 0000 0282 6824 00 BIC:                COBADEFF

2 examples of the ORCHIDeen REPORT (for actual size please click)