Constitution of the
Orchidcover Collectors Club e.V.

1. Name and place of business, financial year and languages
  1.1 The name of the OCC is "Orchidcover Collectors Club e.V.", short OCC. Its members are volunteers according to the legal requirements of the German Civil Code (BGB).
  1.2 Place of business of the OCC is 07749 (postcode) Jena, Germany.
  1.3 The financial year is the calendar year.
  1.4 On the 24.10.2007, the Club was registered at the district court of Jena, under number VR 1262 and the name Orchidcover Collectors Club e.V. - OCC e.V.
  1.5 The business language is German.
2. Objects and goals
  2.1 The OCC deals with the topic "orchids" in philately and on telephone cards. Its task is to support a personal and professional relationship among the orchid philatelists in every conceivable way and to make an international co-operation possible.
The OCC gives support in matters of research, care and preservation of orchids. For that reason the Club organizes events, especially exhibitions, which the OCC believes to be helpful in introducing the Club itself, showing the problems of cultivating and growing of orchids, their protection in public and creating support for this issue. The OCC maintains contacts to similar scientific societies and clubs, particularly to the "Associations for Native Orchids".
  2.2 The OCC neither has any economic, political, ideological nor religious goals. Its goal is solely of beneficial character in accordance with the German taxation regulations for non-profitable organizations.
3. Membership
  3.1 Every natural person over the age of 16 who accepts the goals of the OCC can be a full member. Members aged under 18 years require the consent of parents or legal guardians.
  3.2 Sponsors can also join the OCC. They will be provided with the Orchid Report on the condition that their grant is at least equal to the membership subscription fee.
  3.3 Honorary members can be appointed by the General Meeting and do not have to pay fees any more.
  3.4 Membership begins with the confirmation by the Committee after it having received a signed application form of the new member. A rejection of the application does not require any explanation.
  3.5 Membership ends by liquidation of the OCC, by notice of resignation or death. The notice of resignation can come into effect by the end of each financial year, by a written statement, addressed to the Chairman of the OCC, dated before 30th November (date of postmark).
  3.6 By unanimous resolution of the Committee a member can be expelled if he acts against the principal regulations and objections of the OCC, in case the membership is intolerable to the OCC, or if a member has been in arrears of the membership fees for more than one year. Regardless of membership, outstanding fees are still due. If a member files an objection against this decision within four weeks, the case will be put before the next General Meeting. Decision and objection must be justified and put forward in unity.
4. Membership subscription fee and financial assets
The club acts according to the principle of covering the costs.
  4.1 The club charges an annual subscription fee whose amount will be determined by the General Meeting. This fee includes all activities of the OCC, including the subscription to the orchid report, which is published three or four times a year.
  4.2 The annual membership fee is payable at the first quarter of the subscription year, or within three months after begin of membership. Payment is by cash or by bank transfer only. Should money transactions from abroad involve any charges to the OCC, the member has to bear the costs.
  4.3 The members' right of service by the OCC is restricted to the period of time they have paid their membership fees for.
  4.4 The club is a non-profit organization. Membership fees and other income must be only used for expenses serving the purpose of the Club. Surplus currents can only be used according to the constitution and regulations of the OCC.
  4.5 The members of the Club are not entitled to any surplus amount, nor are they entitled to receive any other monetary benefits as members. The club is not permitted to favour any person by granting privileges which are not compatible with the purpose of the Club.
  4.6 The membership fees as well as all assets (tangible and intangible) are joint possession of the Club.
5. Structure of the OCC
The structure of the Club consist of the Committee and the General Meeting and its members.
6. The Committee
  6.1 In accordance with 26, BGB, the Committee consists of the Chairman and two Vice-Chairmen. The Chairman can act singularly on behalf of the OCC. The Vice-Chairmen represent the club jointly.
  6.2 Internally the Vice-Chairmen only act if the Chairman is prevented from doing so.
  6.3 The extended committee consists of
- two auditors
- one secretary
- two members as philatelic advisers
- two members as botanical advisers
  6.4 The committee is obliged to carry out the tasks in accordance to the Constitution, decisions by the General Meeting and are obliged to maintain the feasibility of the OCC. The Committee is accountable to the General Meeting.
  6.5 5 The Committee is elected by the General Meeting for a period of two years, with relative majority of the present and represented members. The Committee stays in office until the elected new Committee is installed according to the Constitution. Re-election is possible.
  6.6 The position is honorary with the right for refund of postage, travelling and other expenses within the usual range. Members of the Committee do not have to pay membership fees.
  6.7 A seat in the Committee requires membership of the club.
7. General Meeting
  7.1 The General Meeting, which has to be called by the Chairman, takes place every second year. The invitation to the General Meeting and the announcement of the planned agenda will only be made in the OrchideenReport, the club journal of our association. Further points of business must be submitted in writing addressed to the Chairman, one month before the meeting (postmark) at the latest. There is no possibility of an objection against the agenda.
  7.2 Every General Meeting which has been called in accordance with the Constitution has a quorum.
  7.3 The General Meeting is entitled to decide on
- the acceptance of the reports of the chairman and treasurer
- the release of the Committee
- the election of a committee and the auditors
- the passing of a resolution on membership fees
- the passing of a resolution on changing articles of the Constitution
- the passing of a resolution on submissions and principle activities within the Club
  7.4 An extraordinary General Meeting takes place if at least 30% of full members have applied for a meeting in writing, addressed to the Chairman, by stating the reasons, or if the Chairman has called for it.
  7.5 At General Meetings members and guests are allowed to attend. However, voting is only allowed by registered members, according to the latest list of members. Entitled voters who are not able to be present at the meeting can give their proxy in writing to another member (a present member can represent six absent members at most, and additional proxies are transferable to another chosen member). The votes of the present members and proxies are counted equally.
  7.6 In order to pass a resolution, a relative majority of votes is sufficient. Taking a vote can be by show of hands or secret, if at least five members propose a motion to vote by secret ballot.
  7.7 Place and date of general or extraordinary meetings are decided by the Chairman.
  7.8 At every General Meeting minutes have to be taken, which have to be signed by the Chairman or one of the Vice-Chairmen.
8. Auditors
  8.1 The General Meeting votes for two auditors who cannot be members of the committee. Before the General Meeting takes place, the auditors have to check the petty cash and financial records and report accordingly to the General Meeting.
9. Liquidation of the OCC
  9.1 The OCC can only be liquidated with a 75% majority of the present members and proxy votes at a General Meeting. If there is no quorum, another General Meeting has to be held within four weeks. Then there will be a quorum regardless of the number of members present.
  9.2 After a liquidation of the OCC, the Club assets will be donated, after deduction of all liabilities, to a non-profit organization protecting orchids, for example for practical biotope protection.
10. Court of jurisdiction and legal liability
  10.1 Court of jurisdiction for the Orchid Cover Collectors Club e.V. is the local district court.
  10.2 The registered society Orchid Cover Collectors Club e.V. is only liable with its assets.
  10.3 Personal liability is excluded.
  10.4 This Constitution comes into effect with the founding meeting on 27.05.2007 at Silbertal near Jena, and with the General Meeting on 18.08.2007 at Jena, with unanimous approval by the present members, according to the attendance list, and through proxy represented members.

Silbertal, den 27.05.2007
Jena, den 18.08.2007