Committee of the OCC

President Responsible for representing of club and common administration
Dr. Gerhard Döring Rabenstieg 12 07749 Jena, Germany
  Tel.: 0 36 41 - 44 50 53 Fax: 0 36 41 - 46 01 88
1rst Vicepresident Responsible for finances, member's care, coordination of public relations
Volker Metzing Querstraße 28 04435 Schkeuditz, Germany
2nd Vicepresident Consultant for exhibitions and design and structuring of philatelic objects
Horst Hücke Kreuzschnabelstraße 14 12683 Berlin, Germany
Editor's advisor Responsible for creation of the report and information on all new items
Dr. Norbert Baumbach Michaelisstraße 28 99084 Erfurt, Germany
Marco Borio Kindergartenstraße 16 7323 Wangs, Switzerland
The board of directors is supported by the following advisory boards:
Philatelic advisor Winfried Tschirmer E-Mail:
Botanic advisor for  
Australy and Newzeeland Kai Detto E-Mail:
Europa Willi Nußbaum E-Mail:
all other regions editor's advisor
Cash audit Martin Buchstab, Hans-Jürgen Till